Looking for the Lowest Price on a Silhouette Cameo?

Where can I find the best price on the Silhouette Cameo? I’ve seen this topic many, many times on the 2peas message forums and so I thought I’d share what I paid and how I got the deals I got in hopes of saving you some money. The cameo can cost $299.99 plus shipping on […]

Silhouette Cameo Blade Issues and 40% off Coupon Code!

02/22/12 *UPDATE* – Coupon code has expired. For 10% off all monthly subscriptions at silhouette america, try coupon code  SCRAPBOOK EXPRESS Here’s my Cameo story…. So I used the blade that came with my cameo maybe a dozen times and then it started tearing the paper.  I called Silhouette America and they said it was […]