Looking for the Lowest Price on a Silhouette Cameo?

Where can I find the best price on the Silhouette Cameo?

I’ve seen this topic many, many times on the 2peas message forums and so I thought I’d share what I paid and how I got the deals I got in hopes of saving you some money. :)

The cameo can cost $299.99 plus shipping on the SilhouetteAmerica.com website but you should know that you can get a much better price if you look.

LOWEST PRICE ON THE SILHOUETTE CAMEOKat Scrappiness.com– You can buy the Silhouette Cameo for just $249.00 everyday!


Amazon.com – The price ranges from day to day but it is usually the 2nd cheapest price

Two Peas in a Bucket – $299.00

Scrapbook.com – $299.99 Plus Shipping

Simon Says Stamp – $299.99 (I believe they have free shipping for orders over $75.00 but you will want to double check that)

Oh My Crafts.com – $269.99 plus $10.00 shipping (use coupon code to get 20-25% off your total)

Overstock.com – $269.99

How to save on Cutting Files and Silhouette Store Subscription

The cost of the images for the silhouette is “99¢ per shape on the Silhouette online store, or you can draw your own shapes for free“.  That’s not entirely accurate because you can buy a subscription to the Silhouette online store and pay as little as .10 per image!  I say this because I have the “Premium Subscription” and I pay $16.00 a month for 150 images.  That comes out to about .10 per image!

Silhouette Online Store Subscription Coupon Code  When I originally signed up for my subscription I used a coupon code that is no longer valid.  From time to time there may be coupon codes floating around so keep your eyes and ears open!  That’s the best time to sign up or upgrade!

There are other levels you can purchase for an online store subscription as well and the coupon code will work for all of them. So as you can see, you don’t have to pay .99 per image as stated in the chart if you purchase a subscription and use the coupon code.

There are also a few times a year that Silhouette America has a sale on their subscriptions (I believe around the Christmas Holidays) so you may want to keep that in mind.

If you want to download the free Silhouette software and play around with it before purchasing the cameo to get a feel for it and to see the images you can purchase, click here.

I hope this helps you in your search for the best price on the Silhouette Cameo.  If you know of a great deal that I didn’t list here, please leave a comment and let me know and I’ll add it!  Thanks for stopping by!


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